About Me


The only experience that comes close to the rewards I get creating art myself, is helping others gain skills and confidence in their own creativity.


After more than 20 years teaching in person workshops & classes both in drawing and painting, I realized it was time to expand to virtual online classes as well.


Life is busy and these days the world is more uncertain than ever. I'm excited to help others learn drawing and painting in the comfort of their own home or anywhere else they may be.


Ready to develop your skills & creativity? There are three ways to get started. 

One-on-One Class

Want to learn a specific technique or get a critique on your current art project? Book a One-on-One virtual session for personalized instruction or advice.

Take Virtual Art Class

Learn watercolor or drawing with short fun classes that can be experienced any where and any time you that works for you.

Private Event

Want to impress at your next dinner party? Book a private event, and get the behind-the-scenes support to serve up something scrumptious.

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