Lake Louise Acrylic

acrylic painting Sep 14, 2020

I usually paint with watercolors but this past year I’ve had a few acrylic projects. In many ways I feel like a beginning painter as a work in this unfamiliar medium. It’s apples and oranges for watercolor and acrylics. I’m used to a medium that does a lot of the work itself. With watercolors as I control the water the paint does it own thing within the wetness. It flows and blends and results in this beautiful outcome that I did not control.

Acrylics on the other hand do not mix much at all on their own. When thinned to watercolor puddle consistency they flow somewhat but it is different than watercolor. I wanted more of a solid look for this piece and also wanted to leave the mat, glass and frame out of it. This was started before my experiment with gluing the paper to board and sealing it. Otherwise I may have done it in watercolor. In the end I was glad for the acrylic experience and Sharolyn was happy with her painting.


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