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I’m Joanne Hall, an artist/teacher based in Northern Utah. Although I love it all, my favorite medium is watercolor. I've been teaching watercolor, drawing and other art classes for over 20 years.

Learn on your time

Complete lessons on your lunch break, while kids are napping, after work, or anytime and anywhere that's good for you.

Develop foundational skills

Gain skills that will help you become an independent creator.

Learn from experience

I've taught art classes for more than 20 years. 

The greatest thing about teaching is watching those who thought they lacked talent, learn skills and creativity.

My goal is to help those I teach feel joy and confidence in the creative process. 

Features of Your Product

Lessons are organized into short progressive segments.

Lots of exercises are included to practice each lesson concept.

Learn in a way that teaches skills while encouraging personal style.

"Because of [Pain Point], I always had trouble with [Technique]. With Joanne's classes, I learned better skills & techniques in watercolor, and it's improved my art immensely."

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